The more information we have, the faster we can develop a plan to treat you. You will be required to sign a routine Pain Management Agreement. This is a common practice in pain clinics throughout the country. It allows us to provide you with the appropriate pain medicine while limiting potential for abuse or side effects. We encourage you to read it completely and clarify any questions. You will be asked to adhere to its conditions.

Follow-up visits will last for approximately 15 minutes. We make every effort to keep appointments on time for your convenience. Vital signs and an interval history will be collected.

If procedures are appropriate for your treatment, generally they can not be done the same day since most insurance plans require pre-approval. Many procedures are done using light sedation. You will need to bring someone to drive you home. As a rule, most common procedures are completed within 30-45 minutes from start to finish.

You will be expected to pay for any deductibles and co-pays on your insurance before being seen. Please make arrangements ahead of time. Major credit cards are accepted. We make every effort to ensure each visit is efficient and worthwhile.